Poultry Aqua Feed Supplements

Poultry Aqua Feed Supplements




  • Leather meal is a by-product of tanning animal hides into leather. Tanning yields two different by-products
  • Leather scrap (fleshings),
  • Leather waste (trimmings)
  • Leather scrap results from the preparation of the hides prior to tanning. It is comprised of connective tissues of the hypodermis as well as of meat and fat scraped off from the hides. Leather waste are the trimmings of the tanned hides.
  • In the tanning of leather various chemicals such as tannic acid, alum, sodium chloride and chromium salts are used.
  • Leather meal is a rather heterogeneous product (Table 24-01). The protein is fibrous collagen and can be hardly utilised by animals. The amino acid profile is in Table 24-02. The fat content ranges between 0.7 and 55.8,10), due to the fat reservoir of the hypodermis(6).
  • Feeding Value Digestibility of leather scrap meal in land animals can be high but also poor. This is due to the heterogeneous material used for making leather meal. Similar results were obtained with hydrolysed leather waste meal.
  • A maximum of 10% leather scrap meal and leather waste meal, respectively, of the total protein content of the ration might be suitable for terrestrial farm animals! 10)
  • Leather meal has to be considered as a hardly suitable feedstuff in diets for aquatic animals. Its high protein content and its use in small quantities make it a potential addition in aquatic feed for less demanding species.
  • The hydrolyzed leather meal can increase in be used as the source of the protein in the animal feed of (livestock and fowl), product of the animal feed of the source of the animal.
  • Hydrolyzed leather meal is animal organic matter, obtained only from 100% Steamed Leather Meal is complete organic matter. Raw materials heated under saturated steam condition to a temperature not less than 133℃ and absolute pressure 3~5㎏/㎝2 for a minimum of 50 minutes.
  • Steamed Leather Meal under high term processing of the quality becomes the Hydrolyzed leather meal

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Protein >75 - <85% >70 - <75% >65 - <70%
Moisture >8- <9 % <10 <10%
Sand and Silica <4% <5% >5 – <6%
Ecoli Absent Absent Absent
Mold Absent Absent Absent
Salmonella Absent Absent Absent
Used in Poultry and Aqua Feed
MOQ – 21 MT

Packing: 50 kg Laminated HDPE Bags or as per the customer request.